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Winter Furniture and Decor Ideas

Winter is here, and as the days get colder and the nights get longer, there’s nothing like having a warm and cosy home to keep you feeling snug and comfortable through the season. From big furniture changes to simple accessorising elements, there are so many ways to turn your space into a winter wonderland of welcoming warmth. Read on for some of our favourite ideas for winter furniture and decor!

Easy ways to add extra-cosy comfort to your decor

Sometimes, all it takes are the right accessories to transform a space from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming. Filling a room with soft textiles and plush padding will instantly transform an austere space to one that is perfect for the winter weather. 

Throws and cushions

Accessories are not only a budget friendly way to update a room, but they are a perfect pick for bringing a warm and cosy element to your winter furniture setup. There are some obvious ways to add accessories to your space for extra warmth and comfort — layer sofas with soft throws, or accent your bed with plush cushions to bring an extra snuggly detail to your decor — but there are also some winter furniture and decor ideas using textiles that you may not have thought of yet. 


Your feet are one of the main places in your body through which you lose heat, so keeping them warm throughout the winter will help keep your entire body warm. A rug is the perfect way to do this, especially one with a high pile design that you can really sink your toes into. Place rugs wherever your bare feet might come in contact with the floor — beside your bed, in front of your wardrobe, etc. — and enjoy cosy comfort all winter long. 

Curtains and blinds

You might also consider changing out your window treatments for the winter. Thick curtains can help your home retain heat, so if you have window blinds or light, decorative curtains, you might want to opt for a thicker, heavier alternative during the colder months. You can also layer your window treatments, with heavier curtains over blinds or a lighter layer. 

Seat cushions

Sometimes, adding an accessory to your winter furniture will not only bring an extra touch of warmth, but will also let you change up the aesthetic of your room. For example, if you have wooden dining chairs, adding a removable seat cushion can let you add a pop of colour or a playful pattern to the look of your dining setup, while also giving the chairs a layer of softness and warmth that is ideal for colder weather. 


Your lighting options are also important when wintertime comes. There is less natural light, so choosing the right lamps and lighting is key to keep a bright and inviting home. You may want to add more table lamps around the room, or decorate your coffee table or sideboard with candles (real or LED). 

Find new ways to use furniture for seasonal style

Winter weather often means spending more time at home, which can make it a perfect occasion to tackle those interior design and redecorating projects. You may also want to try some new winter furniture setups that will change the way you look at common furniture types. 

Console tables and sideboards

While it’s lovely to sit in the cosy snug of a pub with a pint, winter is a great time to create your dream home bar for the best drinks and cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Read our blog on designing a home bar and learn how you can use a console table or sideboard as a stylish and functional base for organising your glasses, liquors, and garnishes. 

Garden and patio furniture

Are you sad to store your outdoor furniture away at the end of summer, or are you considering purchasing a new patio set but wondering whether it’s worth the investment for the amount of use? Why noy find ways to use your garden furniture year round? If there’s a sunny space in your home, set your outdoor furniture inside and use it through the winter. 

Or, you can enhance your outdoor space to make it suitable for colder conditions with an outdoor heater or fireplace, and some hardy, durable throws. Just make sure to bring fabric throws or cushions indoors when the conditions are poor.

Winter furniture and decor — and more! — at Corcoran’s

From the winter essentials like stoves and fireplaces, to the seasonal decor that will bring festive cheer to your home, Corcoran’s Furniture is the best place to find everything you need that will make every room cosy and comfortable this winter. 

Shop in-store or online now, and transform your space into a warm and welcoming oasis that’s a perfect hideaway from the cold conditions outside. 

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