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What Accessories are Available When You Buy Double Beds?

Buying a new bed is only the beginning! We’ve got plenty of advice from our furniture experts in previous blogs on choosing the perfect bed for your home: 

But once you’ve chosen your dream bed, you still have a lot of other considerations to make when you’re setting up your ideal bedroom. Once you buy double beds for the main bedrooms, single beds for the spare bedrooms, and bunk beds for the kids’ bedrooms, there are plenty of other bedroom furniture pieces and accessories to add to your home. Here are just a few of the items you might want to purchase to complement your bed. 

Choose the right mattress

Obviously, you’re not going to sleep directly on your bed frame. Whether you opt for double beds made of wood or metal, divan bases or sumptuous sleigh beds, adjustable variations or ultra-modern styles, you need a mattress to go on top of your bed selection. 

Read our guide to buying the ideal mattress to suit your bed size, sleeping style, and more, and then shop our wide selection of mattresses online, with mattresses for double beds, bunk beds, and more. 

You might also consider buying a mattress protector as an important accessory to enhance your nighttime setup. There are many reasons to consider mattress protectors, as they help keep your bed feeling clean, comfortable, and fresh. 

buying a mattress

Buy bedding for double beds

After your bed and mattress, it’s time to think about bedding. Your bedding options are where you really bring that cosy element into your sweet-dream routine. Your sheets, quilt, duvet, and pillows will turn your bed into a warm and comfortable nest for your nights. 

One of the things we love most about bedding is how easily you can use it to refresh the look of your bedroom. While a full furniture overhaul can be a costly project, bedding is budget friendly and should be changed frequently for freshness anyway, so why not choose an array of colours and patterns to showcase your personal decor style and change up the look of your space? 

You might also consider accenting your bed with cushions or throws that bring a pop of colour or a fun motif to your bedroom and add an extra cosy element to your space. 

Add in storage and more

Now that your bed is a comfy oasis of calm in your busy home, you can think about the rest of the room. If you’re choosing double beds in small bedrooms, then underbed storage might be key in maximising the use of your space. Or if you’ve got a spacious floor plan to work with, you might be able to add plenty of storage options in the form of wardrobes, dressers, and more. 

Whatever bedroom storage options you are considering, we’ve got plenty of advice in our previous blog posts to give you all the bedroom furnishing inspo you need: 

All the essentials for your bedroom: double beds, accessories, and more

When you’re ready to buy double beds, nightstands, and all the best bedroom furniture available for your home, visit us at Corcoran’s Furniture. Online or in-store at our Kerry and Limerick showrooms, you can find beautiful bedroom furniture to suit every style, budget, and requirement. 

Looking for advice on selecting the best pieces for your bedroom? Get in touch with our experienced and helpful team — we’re always happy to assist. And you can always read more from our blog to get the best tips, inspiration, and trends direct from our interior design experts. 

So set up your bedroom for sweet dreams and enjoy cosy yet stylish comfort in your home today. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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