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What Fabrics are Available When I Buy Fabric Sofas?

Fabric sofas are one of the most classic furniture options. You’ll find sofas upholstered in a range of fabric options in the living room of almost every home, and that’s why there is a huge range of styles and fabric types to choose from when you’re looking for fabric sofas for your own home. 

With such an array of choices available, it can be difficult to narrow down the best fabric sofa for your space. Read on for our guide to some of the most popular fabric types for sofa upholstery. 

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Fabric sofas: a host of stylish options

One of the best things about fabric upholstery is the huge selection of options from which you can choose. Because fabric is so versatile, you can find sofas in almost any style, texture, material, or print. Many of our suites and sofas can even be custom made to order to suit your exact specifications and match your interior design dreams. 

Something to remember when you’re selecting the best fabric sofas for your home is that different fabric types require different types of care to get the longest lifespan out of your new furniture. We’ve got some tips on furniture care and cleaning, but the best thing to do is read the manufacturer’s instructions or talk to our furniture experts for advice. You might also consider a furniture protection plan from Guardsman for an extra layer of piece of mind. 

Velvet sofas

If you’re after a glamorous sofa, an on-trend sofa, or an elegant sofa, then a velvet sofa has to be on your shortlist. Velvet upholstery is soft and tactile, available in classic neutral hues and vivid jewel tones, and velvet sofas are sure to bring fashion-forward flair to your space with ease. 

Velvet is an ideal upholstery type for button-tufted and channel-tufted furniture, the soft feel of the fabric contrasting beautifully with the textured look of the design. Velvet also makes a chic companion to sleek metal or glass coffee tables for a contemporary look. 

Microfibre sofas

Microfibre is a superfine (less than 1 denier) synthetic fibre that can be made of various materials such as polyester or nylon. Microfibre is a great upholstery option for fabric sofas because it is lightweight and breathable, yet very durable. It’s also easy to maintain, making it ideal for a busy home or a high-traffic area like the living room. 

Offering a sleek, smooth feel ideal for the modern home, microfibre is a favourite option due to its durability — it’s perfect for a home with kids or pets, offering lasting appeal thanks to a stain-resistant, scratch-resistant design. 

Faux leather sofas

Leather is a classic pick for sofa upholstery, and if you’re looking for the sophistication that leather sofas offer, read our buying guide here. However, while leather offers investment-worthy appeal, you may be looking for a faux leather sofa for various reasons. Faux leather isn’t just a substitute for natural leather, but an excellent upholstery option in its own right. 

Like genuine leather, synthetic leather is hard-wearing, durable, and stylish. Budget-friendly and not relying on animal products, faux leather provides an appealing facsimile of this popular upholstery type with a smooth, sleek look and feel. 

Chenille sofas

One of the nicest things about fabric sofas is the soft feel of its upholstery, and that’s one of the reasons that chenille is an especially in-demand pick. A soft, fuzzy fabric that can be made of natural or synthetic fibres, chenille sofas are appealing due to their cosiness and gorgeous texture. 

Chenille is named after the French word for caterpillar, so called due to the fuzzy pile that forms when strands of yarn are twisted together to create the fabric. Chenille upholstery creates sofas that are comfortable as they are classic. 

Printed upholstery sofas

While most of this blog has focused on different fabric constructions and materials, we also want to give a mention to another one of our favourite features for fabric sofas. Because fabric upholstery can come in such a huge number of colours and patterns, you have the option of sofas that bring artistic detail to your decor thanks to a printed motif. 

Patchwork, stripes, florals, and more — you can find a sofa pattern to perfectly accent your living room style, particularly when you’re shopping for made-to-order seating and suites. Fabric truly offers one of the most versatile options for your furniture and home decor. 

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