5 New Year Home Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

5 Home Resolutions You Can Actually Keep in 2022

Happy New Year! It’s 2022 and there’s no time like the present to think about new year’s home resolutions. However, we all know that new year’s resolutions have a tendency to fall by the wayside sometime around mid-February (or even sooner!) so when you’re making new year’s home resolutions, it’s good to come up with goals you can actually stick to and resolutions you can actually keep. 

If you need some inspiration for new year’s resolutions for your home, from realising your decor dreams to sticking to an easy cleaning schedule, read on for some of our favourite home resolutions suggestions to turn 2022 into your home’s best year ever. 

Upgrade your sleep with the right mattress

According to a 2021 survey, almost two-thirds of adults aren’t getting enough sleep. And health-related resolutions, including finding a better sleep routine or getting more sleep, are some of the most popular picks for yearly goals. 

We have a guide to establishing a better sleep routine, and you can incorporate things like screen-free bedtimes or meditation into your routine to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. However, one of the best things you can do for your sleep and as part of your new year’s home resolutions is to ensure your mattress is up to snuff. 

If your mattress is extremely worn out and not providing support while you sleep, or if you don’t have the right type of mattress to suit your individual sleep style in terms of firmness or construction, you may wake up feeling sore and cranky rather than fresh and rested. Check out our mattress buying guide and shop online or in-store to check this home resolution off your list. 

Stay tidy all year with an easy cleaning plan

Maybe your home is at its absolute cleanest at the moment, tidied up thoroughly in preparation for the guests you’ve hosted over the holidays. Or maybe it’s littered with wrapping paper scraps and empty Celebrations boxes. We don’t judge! But we do think that having a clean and inviting house is a great goal to add to your list of new year’s home resolutions, and it’s more achievable than you might think. 

If you want tips on cleaning specific elements of your home, you can read our guides to cleaning stoves and fireplaces, floors, and living room furniture. Knowing the best way to clean your furniture and fixtures can make it easier to tackle the dirt and dust that builds up over time. 

For more general cleaning success, we recommend going room by room. While a deep clean that covers the whole house can get everything spic and span all at once, it can be an intimidating prospect to do more than once or twice a year. Instead, take on one room or one small project at a time, and you’ll find tidying up to be a breeze. 

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Refresh a room to alleviate decor boredom

The idea of completely revamping your home in 2022 may sound like a great new year’s resolution, but a large project requires a large amount of planning, budget, and time. If that’s all completely feasible for you, then great! 

However, if you’re afraid you’ll end the year feeling like you didn’t make the most of your home’s potential, add a smaller goal onto your home resolutions list and choose one room to focus on. While you may opt for a heavily-trafficked space like the living room or dining area, one of our favourite ways to change the atmosphere of your home is to pick an unexpected room to refresh. If you think there’s no room for style in your utility room, bathroom, or hallway, think again! Paint the walls a bold, vibrant hue, re-tile the floors in an on-trend pattern, or add some chic and functional storage to change the feel of the space in an effective, budget-friendly way.

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Set up the perfect multifunctional workspace 

As we discussed in our blog on interiors trends for 2022, we’re entering a period of needing house space for long-term multifunctional living. Remote working, online schooling, and more, combined with traditional purposes of the home such as providing a place for kids to play, for guests to sleep, or for us to enjoy our hobbies means that some rooms will need to perform double-duty in order to accommodate both. 

Maybe you’ve spent the last two years with your laptop perched on the kitchen table or a haphazard pile of books, or maybe your guest bedroom is currently uninhabitable as it’s full of school supplies. 

Add some intentional design to the space, and to your new year’s home resolutions list. Whether you opt for the perfect new compact office desk to slot into any room, or a cosy sofa bed that can provide additional seating or sleep space as needed, you can turn those cluttered corners into areas that are practical in a multitude of ways to match up with your family’s busy life. 

Do a wardrobe detox to streamline your clothing

We all have that habit of keeping ‘someday’ clothes — the clothes you’re going to find an occasion to wear someday, the clothes you’re going to fit into again someday, the clothes that are going to come back into style someday. It’s time to be realistic about whether ‘someday’ means ‘soon’ or ‘never’ and clear the clutter out of your closet. 

If you’re feeling motivated, you can go through all of your clothes at the start of the year and decide which ones you are or aren’t going to wear again. Then visit your favourite charity shop to donate the ones that are still in good condition. 

However, if you’d rather stretch your home resolutions out over the course of the year, try this: hang all your clothes with the hangers backwards in your wardrobe. Once you’ve worn an item of clothing, flip the hanger around. At the end of the year or of each season, you’ll be able to see which clothes have gone another period without being worn. It should make your decisions easier. 

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Start 2022 off right with home resolutions you can keep and help from Corcoran’s

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