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What is Upholstered Furniture?

Upholstery is an important element in many furniture types. Some furniture, like sofas, must be upholstered to create the looks and function you want and expect. Others, like beds and dining chairs, may or may not be upholstered depending on the design and style of a particular piece. 

But what exactly is upholstered furniture, what are the different types of upholstery, and what is the appeal of this furniture type? Read on to learn more! 

What is upholstery? 

Many people believe that upholstery refers to the fabric that covers your furniture. While this is a part of it, upholstery is actually all of the cushioning and padding that is attached to the frame of the furniture, as well as the fabric or leather that covers it. 

There are a number of different materials that can be used for upholstery, from metal springs to memory foam, depending on the shape, style, durability, and cost of the furniture. And of course, as a cover, you can use a whole host of different textile and leather options — learn more in our guide to fabric upholstered furniture and our sofa leather buying guide

What types of upholstered furniture are available? 

As mentioned at the beginning, some furniture will always be upholstered. A sofa with no upholstery would be incredibly uncomfortable, without padding, cushions, or a soft, supple textile or leather finish. 

Similarly, there is some furniture that will likely never come in an upholstered variety. There is no need for padding or fabric on a table or desk, and you will probably never need upholstery on your coffee table or sideboard.

There are also some instances in which upholstery is not ideal even if you want your furniture to have some padding — garden furniture, for example, is more likely to have removable cushions than incorporated upholstery because you will want to be able to remove and store them as needed to protect them from outdoor elements. 

Finally, there are quite a few furniture types that don’t always require upholstery, but often do feature it as part of the design. Dining chairs may have upholstered seats or backs for extra comfort, and beds may have upholstered headboards for the same reason. 

What are the advantages of upholstered furniture? 

When you are thinking about upholstered furniture versus non-upholstered variations, you can consider factors like comfort, style, and more to decide on the best pieces for your home. 

Naturally, upholstered furniture is supportive and comfortable thanks to the cushioning and padding so if you are looking for furniture that feels ultra plush and well-suited for lounging, then upholstered furniture is perfectly suited for your preferences. 

Upholstered furniture is also ideal if you love patterns and colours in your home. Because there is so much variety when it comes to textiles, you can find upholstered pieces like sofas in a huge spectrum of hues and prints. And you can even buy custom or made-to-order furniture that allows you to select the exact look you want for your furniture. 

Another advantage of choosing upholstery is the ability to extend the longevity of your furniture by reupholstering it over time. If you purchase a piece with superior craftsmanship and a high-quality frame, you can replace the cushions or cover in the future and enjoy your furniture for generations. 

Likewise, if your decor tastes change over time, you can always change the fabric of a favourite sofa rather than buying a whole new suite to match a new decor look. 

Find the best upholstered furniture in Ireland at Corcoran’s

There are a lot of reasons to love upholstered furniture, and plenty of options when you choose to shop this stylish and comfortable furniture type. At Corcoran’s Furniture, you can find upholstered variations of beds, footstools, headboards, and more, and fabric and leather upholstery options for essential furniture types like sofas and dining chairs.

With premium materials and craftsmanship, you can shop assured that the upholstered furniture you purchase from Corcoran’s is designed for years of comfortable enjoyment and stylish appeal. Shop online now or visit our Kerry and Limerick stores to find your new favourites, and you can always get in touch with our furniture experts to learn more upholstered furniture, custom-made options, and the best pieces for every room in your home. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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