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Blue furniture — an unusual but rewarding option

When you’re choosing a colour palette for a room, there are so many gorgeous options to weigh up ranging from the neutrals that go with anything to the vibrant hues that really stand out. If you love the bright and bold, you could go for purple furniture or green home decor, or you might also consider beautiful blue furniture and accessories for your home. 

Blue may feel like an unexpected choice for furniture, but it’s one of our favourite ways to add sophisticated and artistic style to your space. Read on for our look at blue bedroom furniture, fabulous blue living room options, and more. 

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Why we love blue bedroom furniture and decor

According to colour theory, blue is one of the best colours for your bedroom because it evokes a sense of calm and relaxation, which is obviously ideal for a restful and healthy sleep routine. 

One of our favourite ways to incorporate blue in bedroom decor is as the colour for your walls. You can pair pastel blue shades beautifully with common bedroom furniture colours like painted white and light oak, or opt for darker blue shades to complement warm-toned furniture such as mahogany. 

If you want some ideas for the best blues to use in your bedroom, check out some of our favourite suggested colour palettes using Little Greene paint hues. 

Blue also makes a great colour palette for textiles and accessories in your bedroom. A blue duvet or throw pillows are sure to look lovely with traditional bedding colours like white and cream, and a blue rug or window treatments are also perfect for enveloping your room to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

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Blue furniture adds on-trend style to your living room

In your living room, blue is the perfect colour to really make a statement and bring a stylish accent to your space. Because so many different shades of blue are used in interior decorating, you can achieve any sort of home decor style using blue furniture and accessories. 

Coastal and nautical style is a great option if you want a blue colour palette in your sitting room. This breezy, beachy aesthetic features bright blues, crisp whites, and natural materials like wood and jute that bring a relaxed yet contemporary look to your space.  

Looking for something more elegant and contemporary? Opt for dark or jewel-tone blues like navy, sapphire, and cobalt to bring sophisticated style to the room. A piece of blue furniture like a sofa or armchair is also a perfect option for adding a statement-making element to your sitting room. Choose a velvet sofa for a glamorous on-trend look, or a traditional fabric option for a timeless addition to your space. 

A few of our favourite blue furniture options

When it comes to beautiful furniture in shades of blue, there are plenty of options in every category. We’ve rounded up a few of our absolute favourite pieces that can bring peaceful style — or chic sophistication — to your home. 

Santana Grey Oak Coffee Table


Our current lead time for this product is 2 weeks

Shauna velvet sofa bed

The Shauna velvet sofa bed is another velvet couch, but this one comes with a twist! This versatile seater folds down easily to lie flat (or with a raised head-end) to adjust from day to night in seconds and accommodate guests with extra sleeping space. The blue colour makes it a gorgeous contemporary alternative to traditional sofa bed design. 

Santana Grey Oak Coffee Table


Our current lead time for this product is 2 weeks

Ultra Scandi dining chair

Blue isn’t just for the living room or bedroom — the Ultra Scandi dining chair brings this vibrant hue to mealtime with a simple yet modern dining chair that offers a mid century modern-inspired design with a contemporary twist. Available in a host of colours in addition to blue, you can either opt for a single shade or mix and match for a fun, eclectic look. 

Ultra Scandi Dining Chair


Number of variations: 5

Savannah channel tufted blue velvet bed

Just as a blue velvet sofa is sure to be a standout in the living room, what could be more eye-catching in your bedroom than a blue velvet bed? The Savannah channel tufted blue velvet bed offers all the comfort you need from an upholstered headboard, and adds in plenty of style thanks to the textured, fluted design and of course the elegant blue hue. 

Savannah Channel Tufted Blue Velvet Bed


Number of variations: 9

Howie navy home office blue desk

Because blue is such a calming colour, it’s perfect for the home office. When workday stresses get you down, blue furniture like the Howie navy home office blue desk can help you relax and get back on track. Part of the Howie living and bedroom range, this desk’s stylish navy finish and sturdy wood construction is sure to see you safely through your 9 to 5. 

Santana Grey Oak Coffee Table


Our current lead time for this product is 2 weeks

Feeling blue? Cheer up and shop at Corcoran’s

Whether you’re looking for chill coastal style or you want to create a peaceful oasis in your bedroom, at Corcoran’s we have a wide selection of blue furniture and accessories that will let you embrace this interior design favourite. 

Shop online now or visit us in any of our Kerry and Limerick stores to find the perfect blue pieces to suit your home.

Not sure whether cerulean or indigo is ideal for your decor? Get in touch! Our expert team is always here to help! 

Have you turned a room into a blue dream? Share your interior design style with us on Instagram using the hashtag #mycorcorans.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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