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Jasmine Wooden Console Table


Jasmine Wooden Console Table

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  • 130 W x 41 D x 75 H cm
  • Elegantly Eclectic: The Jasmine Wooden Console Table is an elegantly eclectic piece that instantly catches the eye. It’s like a harmonious peace treaty between the forest and the forge.
  • Grains of Truth: This table lets the wood do the talking, showcasing its natural beauty without saying a word.
  • Metal with Mettle: With legs stronger than your morning coffee, the sleek black finish adds an industrial flair that means business.
  • Design Duality: It’s where the chaos of nature’s design meets the order of minimalist thinking—a true yin and yang for your living space.
  • Statement of Intent:The Jasmine Wooden Console Table is a declaration of style, perfectly suited for the modern home that doesn’t shy away from being the talk of the town.
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The Jasmine Wooden Console Table: When Wood Meets Metal

Imagine a table that serves as a bridge between the untamed beauty of the natural world and the structured strength of industrial design. The Jasmine Wooden Console Table is exactly that—a blend that shouldn't work, yet somehow, it's a match made in interior design heaven.

The Silent Storyteller

Every inch of this wooden console table's surface is a testament to the tree it once was, with grains and patterns that whisper tales of windy woods and sunny skies. It's not just a place to drop your keys; it's a narrative piece that adds depth and character to any room.

Legs That Stand Their Ground

The Jasmine Wooden Console Tables doesn't just stand; it stands out. The metal legs, finished in an unyielding black, provide a stark contrast to the warm wood top. It's as if the table is wearing its Sunday best every day of the week.

A Perfect Paradox

This console table is a living contradiction, marrying the unpredictable beauty of wood with the sleek, clean lines of modern design. It's for those who appreciate the art of balance and the beauty of an oxymoron in their living space.

More Than a Wooden Table With Nice Legs

In the realm of modern living, the Jasmine Wooden Console Table doesn't just fill a space—it defines it. It's conversation starter, a bold statement in wood and metal that says you know what you want and how you want it.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 130 × 41 × 75 cm
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