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What are Tips and Advice for Buying Coffee Tables?

After your sofa, the coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can choose for your living room. And too often, it’s an afterthought compared to your sitting room seating. 

However, a coffee table can actually be the perfect item to tie the whole look of the room together while also adding much needed surface space that gives you a spot to set down a cup of tea, keep reading material close at hand, or display trinkets to bring that extra touch of style to your room. 

With so many options for coffee tables in Ireland in terms of style, size, and more, you might wonder how to best select a table for your living room. That’s why we’ve created a quick guide to choosing the perfect coffee table for your home.

What size coffee table matches your sofa? 

Because your sofa is the most important piece of furniture in your living room, you’ll likely purchase this first (read our buying guide for help choosing the best sofa for your space!) and then select the rest of your living room furniture to match. And different sofa sizes and shapes require different sizes and shapes for your coffee table. 

A good general rule of thumb is that your coffee table should be one-half to one-third of the length of your sofa. If you have a chaise or L-shaped couch, then the ½ to ⅓ dimension should correspond to the length of the horizontal seat or longer side (if there is one). 

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What shape table goes best with different sofa shapes? 

In terms of shape, a rectangular coffee table is a classic pick. No matter where you’re sitting on your sofa, you’ll be within easy reach of the table. With an L-shaped sofa, opt for a square table instead, to fit in the negative space created by the seating shape. 

An oval coffee table is also a great option for both traditional sofas and those with a chaise. They’re also perfect for smaller living rooms because there are no sharp corners to contend with. And what about round coffee tables? Use these with L-shaped sectionals or sofas with chaises, or pair two together (or opt for a nesting set) to create the right proportions with a classic sofa shape. 

What is the right height for your coffee table? 

A coffee table that is too high or low will immediately feel awkward the first time you reach out to set something down on it. Proportion is important in interior design, and a coffee table height that is proportionate to your sofa height is no exception. 

For the right look and feel, choose a coffee table that is the same height as your sofa cushions, or maximum 3-5 cm lower. This will make it comfortable for you to place items on it while seated, and won’t look strange when you look at your sofa and table setup from the front. 

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How do you choose the ideal coffee table style for your room? 

There are a number of other considerations to factor in when selecting a great coffee table for your space

One other detail that can depend on your sofa style is the ‘weight’ of the table. If you have a sofa with a raised base and narrow legs, pairing it with a heavy, imposing table made of metal or marble can bring appealing contrast to your room. On the other hand, a large and bulky sofa looks great with a clear glass table or another lighter option. 

What you want to use the table for will also help you to choose the best piece for your room. If you’re focused on function, a place to put a cup of tea or keep magazines organised, then a simple shape or an option with storage will be ideal. 

If you’re looking to create a decorative display, with figurines or trinkets atop, then choosing a table imbued with plenty of its own style will help make a statement. Depending on what you intend to showcase, you might opt for different types of tables. 

Create an intellectual setup with an array of coffee table books and an elegant wood table, or go for glamour with a shining glass and metal pick that’s topped with a collection of candles or florals. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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